3 Components of Amadi Brands’ Fiction Podcasts

3 Components of Amadi Brands' Fiction Podcasts

There are many people who enjoy listening to fiction podcasts all around the world. These audio dramas were produced primarily in an audio format before. However, visuals are becoming much more prominent within this form of storytelling. In this article, we will explore the 3 components of Amadi Brands’ fiction podcasts. Learn why they will be an exciting way to dive into new worlds.

Live Script Reads

One of our 3 components are live script reads. Often times, a fiction podcast will either feature a narrator, and or cast members. Voice actors and actresses will record their lines take by take during studio sessions, before their files are collected and edited for the episodes release. This makes for a nice crisp episode with little to no errors within the script. Amadi Brands wanted to go more in the direction of live theater, in which the group of talent would performs live instead. During our podcast episodes, which will be branded as “chapters”, our talented voice cast will come together to enjoy some fun conversations before collectively diving into the chapter and performing as their character. This will be a great way to get to know the talent behind the voices, as well as to hear what they think about the episodes contents.

Graphic Novel Panels

We don’t have to tell you how popular comics are. When it comes to comics, manga, and graphic novels, many fiction stories have been told. There are even creators who take comic panels of their favorite titles, and dub them on YouTube! Seeing this, we knew that there would be some appreciation for implementation of graphic novel artwork within a fiction podcast. Aside from chapter posters, and promotional material for the new releases, we at Amadi Brands have set in place a graphic novel art panel component that will allow for further visualization when watching on our YouTube channel. You will see panels appear directly next to our talent’s performances, highlighting elements of the story. There will be no lettering within these panels, as the script will be viewable on screen beneath.

Sound Design

With our other components alone, these podcast shows are definitely worth a listen. However, there’s more. While watching live script reads mostly at conventions with well know talent, it will be rare for you to be treated with a full sound design. Sound effects add value to the listener and gives them a sense of things moving within the narrative. Vocal processing adds such a crisp final touch on professional sound files that doesn’t have the listener abandon the episode due to the quality. These are both components that will be added to our productions.

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