3 Instagram Reels Ideas Without the Need for Trending Sounds

3 Instagram Reels Ideas Without the Need for Trending Sounds

Creating unique Instagram Reels can be a challenge. Especially when uploading consistently. Using trending sounds is a go-to strategy when looking to trigger the algorithm and obtain the most reach possible. If you have a business account, this may increase those challenges, as many trending sounds will be unavailable for you to use within your content. Today we give you 3 Instagram Reels Ideas without the need for trending sounds.

Viral Video Comparison

To kick off these 3 Instagram Reels Ideas, we have viral video comparisons. This is a reel that highlights an edited version of a viral video with a comparison to your niche. For example, over on our Instagram account, we used a viral video of a young woman falling short of a jump off of a roof into a swimming pool. We added a business / brand development comparison about not going all in when launching a business. This Reel performed extremely well in the short period we had it uploaded. This idea is powerful because you can easily leverage viral videos that data shows captures attention, and put your own twist on it speaking about your niche. Give it a try!

Repurposing Video Podcast Content

This next Reels idea is great if you have a podcast that also has a video component. Repurposing content is powerful for executing a dynamic content strategy. This allows you to use long-from video and break it down into micro forms, edited into alternative formats. All you need to do is take your podcast video and import it into your video editor of choice. From there, adjust the dimension to align with Instagram Reels’ standards. You will use the audio from the podcast for the Reel. Now you upload the podcast clip directly to Instagram with your best hashtags and analyze it’s results!

Editing a Recap Instagram Reel

If you are a creator that posts many Instagram Reels throughout the week, you may find it beneficial to post a recap Reel. This is a combined edit of multiple Reels to create a brand new one. You could have your voiceover speaking about your week or about the bits of content that you included in the recap. This is a creative way to revisit posts that have performed well, and push your audience to go rewatch them! This is basically reposting your Instagram Reels. Reposting you Reels have great benefits that you can read about here.

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