3 Reasons You Should Be Reposting Your Instagram Reels

3 Reasons You Should Be Reposting Your Instagram Reels

There is a preconceived notion that when you create an Instagram Reel, you should only post it one time. In fact, many creators feel uneasy about reposting for a second time due to what their followers will think! Television has “reruns”, so why not you? We are delivering this article to you today in order to break that limiting mindset, and allow you to get more out of your content creation. In this post, we will give you 3 reasons you SHOULD be reposting your Instagram Reels.

Content Analysis

Firstly, we have content analysis. There are aspects in each high-performing video that helps to keep the viewer’s attention. It could be many things, from the way you walk, the item that you’re holding, what’s in the background, etc. This gives us an important reason to repost your Instagram Reels content. By doing this, you will be able to closely analyze and receive data on what is working and what is not. Make sure to take detailed notes about what is in each video, then repost the same video to make sure it reaches the same amount of viewers or not. Even if it reaches around the same number, you may have a winner on your hands.

Double Your Reach

A large portion of the people you reach will be viewers who have never seen your original post before. This is great! Why? Because that means it gives us another reason why you should be reposting your Instagram Reels! Whether or not you post the Reels to your feed simultaneously or not, you will tap into a new audience and generate more data and impressions! If you absolutely don’t want your following to see the repost, just share it through Reels alone and not on your main feed. Now we will be receiving double the views of your original Reels post if it does just as well. We have tested this with our brand, Raiya, where we deliver television and movie news. Reposting vertical content always you to get in front of a new audience.

Test Best Posting Times for Instagram Reels Audience

If you have been posting on Instagram for a while now, you will know about “best posting times”. Although they may be different for each account, you should always measure when is the best time to post to get the best out of your content. These can be found in your insights. It will highlight when your audience is most active.

Now, how does this pertain to reposting our Instagram Reels? Here is where we get a little detailed because not too many people talk about this. I’m sure you notice for yourself that throughout the day at different times, you enjoy and tune into different styles of content. Maybe in the morning you are watching more inspirational videos to help kick-start your day. Then, in the evening you are engaging with more comedy-like content to help you wind down. Your Instagram Reel may or may not do better at different times, and the only way to test that is too post the same exact Reel to collect that data.

Should You Be Reposting Your Instagram Reels?

The short answer to this is YES. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be reposting your Instagram Reels. If it wasn’t favored by Instagram, they would limit the number of views you would get after reposting. However, from our experiments, that is definitely not the case. Start reposting your Instagram Reels to save time, collect more data, and grow your Instagram account. Here is a little bonus nugget. If you are needing fresh ideas for content, we use this powerful AI called Rytr. This cuts our content creation time in half by helping us generate catchy Instagram captions and much more.

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