3 Ways to Grow Your Brand With Twitter CoTweet

3 Ways to Grow Your Brand With Twitter CoTweet

Twitter CoTweet is a brand new feature that allows you to collaborate with your mutuals in a new way. Similar to TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram’s collaborative features, Twitter officially joins in by letting users co-author a single tweet. The new feature, which is currently in limited testing, was announced by Twitter on its blog. It will allow users to invite another person to co-tweet with them so that they can share their thoughts and opinions on the same topic. This new feature will grant creators another great way to build audiences. Let’s go over 3 ways to grow your brand with Twitter CoTweet.


The first way you will be able to grow your brand with Twitter CoTweet is through sponsored posts. With this new feature, you will now be able to directly tweet with your brand partner who is working with you to promote a product or service. You will notice the same feature on Instagram. Before CoTweet, there was no way on Twitter to include your brand partner in your messaging directly without simply tagging them in the post.


Another really creative way is by interviewing another Twitter user within a CoTweet. A Q&A type of format. Instead of filming an entire YouTube video or recording a podcast, you can ask your Tweet guest questions for them to answer in the same thread. This could work great if you manage to partner with a user with a large following. Reach out to users that have a more developed audience that yours within the same niche. There is a better chance that they would agree to collaborate with you. Stay consistent and you will see your following grow as well as your brand becoming more credible due to the authority and influence included in your content.


If you have a podcast with a friend or a group of people, posting podcast updates and discussions based on the episodes would be an incredible way to grow your brand and drive more listeners and downloads to your show. Take one of the topics mentioned in your podcast episode and continue the conversation with your co-host in a CoTweet! This will allow your audience to join in on the conversation. If you have a large group a part of the cast, things can get even more interesting. You can have debates, and drive users to choose sides. There are so many possibilities when repurpose your original podcast content and break it up between these social platforms.



Lastly, follow us on Twitter so we can co-tweet with you! Reading above, you now have a few ways you can grow your brand by utilizing the new feature. If for whatever reason you don’t have access just yet, Twitter is working hard to roll it out to more users soon! We will keep you up to date with social media news as it becomes available. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and stay in the loop!

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