Brush Brigade Animated Pilot and Podcast Chapters Announced

Brush Brigade Animated Pilot and Podcast Chapters Announced

We are happy to inform you that all of the backer rewards have arrived and are being sent out! We can’t wait for you to get your hands on all the goodies! The pilot episode is in the works, adding on a few producers who have immensely broadened the scope of this project. We have set a strong foundation for many animated episodes, podcast chapters, seasons, and consumer products to be produced. You can expect to see the pilot episode around the the summertime! however, we don’t want you to wait that long before diving into our vast world of tooth fairies…

Amadi Brands Characters

Podcast Chapters

Amadi Brands is producing uniquely formatted audio/visual podcast chapters that will be released, featuring the same cast members you can expect to see in the animated series. These podcast chapters will feature talent coming together to narrate and perform stories along with graphic novel artwork that will aide in the overall visualization. You can expect a fun conversational series that will take you on many adventures, while also connecting with the talent behind the characters. Find out more about this on our website here, and make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a thing!
amadi brands titles

Amadi Brands’ Titles

Brush Brigade isn’t the only title we are developing here at Amadi Brands! We have some incredible talent on board with us producing stories for multiple age groups. You can expect weekly releases beginning in April for Alpha Kite, Brush Brigade, and Crumb Combat. These stories will help continue to expand our consumer product lines, in which you can already find in select stores within the United States! Find more about our company and goals on our about page here. Be sure to tune in starting April!
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