Brush Brigade Animated Series Will Cast Kickstarter Backers

Brush Brigade animated series will cat Kickstarter backers

Support From Kickstarter Backers

The Brush Brigade animated series Kickstarter Campaign is underway! A few backers are getting really excited. We at Amadi Brands have announced that producers of the Brush Brigade animated series will exclusively cast kickstarter backers. There are many voice actors and actresses supporting the campaign in order to get the pilot episode produced. Because of this, our team will be giving back in a way that may elevate a few supporter’s careers.

Exclusivity for the Amadi Brands Community

The support of this campaign means the world to us. It will be because of our Kickstarter backers that we will be able to begin production for our first children’s entertainment title, Brush Brigade. On top of all the exciting rewards that our backers will receive, we decided that due to the number of voice talent supporting us, we will be sure to return the favor.

It can be extremely difficult to break out in the voiceover industry, especially in animation. We believe that keeping casting exclusive for talent will not only bring on individuals who are passionate about our shows and movies, but also allow us to further their careers, beyond working with Amadi Brands. It’s a beautiful idea to a community we plan to develop.

The Voiceover Casting Giveaway

If you have entered your email and subscribed to our newsletter, don’t worry. There will still be a live drawing selecting a winner of our voiceover raffle soon after our Kickstarter campaign comes to an end. Aside from direct booking and talent that have already secured roles in the Brush Brigade project, this will be the only time someone is casted from outside of our growing community.

We took to Twitter to ask our followers who they would like to voice more, a Gunky, or Beezal! Both cute characters of our upcoming show.

How You Can Support the Project:

If you are wondering how you can support this upcoming children’s series, it’s simple. All you have to do is head over to our Kickstarter page and pledge for one of our many rewards! Everything from merchandise to even being a part of the show yourself! Pledge for the exclusive casting invite or a tier above to be able to meet with our casting team one on one!

Now Live on Kickstarter!

We hope you join us in making Brush Brigade the next #1 children’s show in the world! Learn more about this new world of tooth fairies by subscribing to our email list and staying up to date on everything!

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