Brush Brigade Hits Kickstarter Funding Goal in 12 Hours!

Brush Brigade Hits Kickstarter Funding Goal in 12 Hours

Many projects struggle reaching their Kickstarter funding goal during the time of their entire campaign. Well not these plaque fighting tooth fairies! We are happy to announce that Brush Brigade hit the Kickstarter funding goal in only 12 hours! Although there was a lot of work put in by the Amadi Brands company, we have many people to thank, including many of our Twitter followers!

Thank You!

We want to thank all of our supporters for helping us reach our goal! However, this is just the beginning! We have amazing stretch goals planned to make the Brush Brigade pilot episode even better, as well as give our backers additional perks as well! Some of these stretch goals have already been announced on our Kickstarter page, and more will be announced later. Help Brush Brigade unlock these stretch goals by pledging for a reward here!

What to Look Forward to:

Brush Brigade is going above and beyond to raise funding to launch production of our pilot episode! The more we raise, the more episodes we can potentially produce! You can look forward to a full 10 episode season released early 2023, with the pilot episode delivered to our special backers much earlier than that. With just a $10 pledge on our Kickstarter page, you lock in the private link to the pilot episode tier and will be receive it early 2022! Our backers will be the very first to see our team of tooth fairies come together and kick off their exciting missions to defend children’s teeth!

Now Live on Kickstarter!

We hope you join us in making Brush Brigade the next #1 children’s show in the world! Learn more about this new world of tooth fairies by subscribing to our email list and staying up to date on everything!


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