Brush Brigade is Now Labeled Under “Projects We Love” On Kickstarter!

Brush Brigade is now labeled under projects we love on Kickstarter
Kickstarter has thousands of users creating projects on their platform. Many of these creators hope to see their campaign get picked up and promoted by Kickstarter in the “Projects We Love” category. Luckily, Among these thousands of projects, Brush Brigade is now labeled under “Projects We Love” on Kickstarter!

Brush Brigade’s Kickstarter Launch

When we first launched our Brush Brigade project on Kickstarter, we had high hopes that people would resonate with the concept of our new show. Within the first few days we were receiving many pledges, but still no sign of a “Projects We Love” badge. Determined, we didn’t lose hope. Our team continued to run the animated series campaign. We shared the project with many people on social media. After, we also ran digital ads on Facebook and Instagram. We were determined to make this campaign a success with or without the additional promotion of Kickstarter. Then one morning, luckily, it all worked out.

Brush Brigade now listed under projects we love on Kickstarter.

Kickstarter Support!

On a Monday morning about 6 days after the launch of our campaign, we received the “Projects We Love” badge. Soon after, we received an email alongside it to let us know what the badge means:

Congratulations! We’ve selected Brush Brigade Animated Series Pilot Episode! as a “Project We Love,” which is our way of highlighting brilliant examples of creativity. You’ll see a badge under your main image or project video, and we’ll feature your campaign across Kickstarter.
Your supporters will want to hear the good news, so use this graphic and the hashtag #ProjectWeLove to spread the word on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.
Email Message

If you are creating a Kickstarter campaign and move into week 2 without receiving a “Projects We Love” badge, don’t lose hope! As we said in the beginning of this article, there are thousands of Kickstarter projects be launched. Kickstarter staff go through these projects manually to see if they align with Kickstarter’s brand and what they will enjoy pushing out to their audience. We do know that being a part of this category means that you will receive additional search opportunities, and may even be promoted in Kickstarter’s newsletter.

Thank You!

We want to thank you again for helping us become a part of this special category. Brush Brigade will be introduced to even more people who would like to see it succeed. Amadi Brands has even more exciting things coming with this campaign. We can’t wait to share them with you! Head over to our Brush Brigade Animated Series Pilot Episode Kickstarter page to make a pledge and receive an awesome award!

Now Live on Kickstarter!

We hope you join us in making Brush Brigade the next #1 children’s show in the world! Learn more about this new world of tooth fairies by subscribing to our email list and staying up to date on everything!

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