Building a Large Following as a Voiceover Artist

Building a Large Following as a Voiceover Artist

In today’s post, we will cover a powerful strategy for building a large following as a voiceover artist. This strategy was used to generate over 20k followers within a month and a half. Although the example wasn’t a voiceover account, we are more than certain it can be translated with ease. Let’s dive into detail on how you will be able to begin growing your voiceover brand a lot faster than ever before.

Pave Your Own Lane

Yes, pave your own lane. If you follow what every other voiceover artist is doing, you won’t stand out. not saying that you won’t lock in some sweet roles and have a successful career, but if you are trying to build a large following around voiceover, you need to shake things up. In our podcast episode, we gave some examples of how individuals will add a complimentary content category to blend in with their brand.

Regardless if you use this strategy or not, find something that makes you stand out. Create content that highlights your voiceover talent and makes people want to follow you. We see many different examples on social media. The voiceover talent who dub over funny animal videos, to Team 4 Star who created a full Dragonballz Abridged fan series. There are many ways to showcase your talents.

Select a Show to Create Content Around

This strategy revolves around the use of established intellectual property. What you will want to do is select a popular show that you enjoy or a show that has a vast library of episodes. Next, you will begin to create dub clips replacing a character’s voice with yours within scenes. It is extremely important to NOT try and monetize these pieces of content in any way. If you do, you will find that your content will be taken down, or you will receive removal notices from production companies.

Here is a freebie. Spider-Man: Freshman Year. It is a new animated series that will be released soon by Disney and Marvel. First, you will want to create dubs around a character or two. There is an incredible upside to choosing a property like this. Spider-Man has a large library of content you can dub over aside from the new show coming out. You can easily blend Spider-Man in with your voiceover ventures. You will find it to be a breeze to connect with new fans as they follow you due to their connection to the established franchise.

Build an Email List

This next step is by far the most important. Because you can lose any social media account at any time, it is important to take control of your audience. Social media accounts don’t even share your content with all of your followers. You are limited from the start. By building an email list, you have complete control over your audience and are able to communicate with them entirely without being limited by these social media platforms. Lastly, you won’t fall victim to randomly losing your account for any reason. We talk about this more in this article here.

Building a Large Following as a Voiceover Artist

Alright, in this post we covered the basics of this powerful strategy. Pave your own lane, select a show to create content around, and build an email list. Make sure to connect with us further on social media if you have any questions about this method of growing your voiceover audience online.

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