Could This Be The World’s Second Evil Tooth Fairy?

Why Does the Tooth Fairy Collect Teeth

The title of this post was originally going to read “The World’s First Evil Tooth Fairy”. However, those of you who have seen THAT movie back in 2003 would know better. Brush Brigade: The Audio Adventures has just released its first episode, introducing to us a tooth fairy who just may be the big bad villain of the show. After listening to this episode, it’s clear that the defenders of Bristleville are about to have their hands full.

The New Definition of Tooth Fairy

Firstly, If you are new here, you may be wondering if we are referring to the same fairytale that we all knew growing up. You are correct. However, we have created a vast world around the idea of tooth fairies. Many stories will be told to listeners of all ages via audiobook fiction podcasting. Our definition of “Tooth Fairy” is as follows. Tooth Fairy: A mystical being who in order to live is dependent on the power of clean teeth. There is also more to learn in our magical world like, what the tooth fairy looks like, and why the tooth fairy collects teeth. All of this will be answered within our upcoming podcast episodes!

The Evil Tooth Fairy Movie

Our evil tooth fairies, Cavitina, and others… will have to take the second-place medal. Back in the year 2003, the very first evil tooth fairy was brought to the big screen. The movie is titled, Darkness Falls. This supernatural horror feature film was about a vengeful spirit taking the form of the Tooth Fairy to punish a town that lynched her 150 years ago. Written by John Fasano, James Vanderbilt, and Joe Harris. Directed by Johnathan Liebesman. Luckily, you can check out this movie currently on Hulu.

Brush Brigade’s Evil Tooth Fairy

Although this first episode highlights one evil tooth fairy, there are many more. One named Emperor Decay, who will also make an appearance in the audio series. In addition, you will also see Decay and other evil tooth fairies in Brush Brigade: The Animated Series! Evil tooth fairies are those who decide to use dark energy from rotted teeth. Their mission is to grow their armies of plaque monsters to go out and destroy children’s teeth. Ultimately, it is up to the Brush Brigade heroes to come and save the day.

Brush Brigade is a high fantasy series about a team of tooth fairies embarking on various missions to defend children’s teeth from evil forces who seek to rot them! Bebe, daughter of the Queen Tooth Fairy, is making her way up the ranks in becoming the greatest defender to ever live. However, with new enemies emerging, stronger than Bebe and friends have ever faced before, will they have what it takes to keep their mystical dimension safe? Find out on Brush Brigade: The Audio Adventures!

This series is a cross between Disney’s Frozen and Star Wars. If you are a fan of these titles, we are certain you will fall in love with this series. Listen to the audio episodes on all your favorite podcast streaming platforms, or by visiting our website!

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