Crumb Combat Takes Place in a Universe Where Only Food Exists

crumb combat logo

This new fiction podcast series is on its way to your favorite platforms to stream. If you enjoy food, and action-adventure podcast series, you’re in luck with this title. This show is what we call a living food fight! Crumb Combat takes place in a universe where only food exists! However, there is an interesting twist…

Crumb Combat Theme

The Crumb Combat fiction podcast follows a ninja avocado named Alo, aka Ninjacado, on a quest to collect ancient crumbs. Oddly, not just any ordinary crumbs. These special crumbs are large golden gem-like objects that hold special abilities. These powers make them sought after by many powerful beings. Powerful beings that lead kingdoms and conquer worlds. This part ninja, part avocado will have a tough time obtaining these crumbs without a team to help him. Sadly, he travels and fights alone. Maybe that will change soon enough.

Characters Featured in Crumb Combat

With so much potential for characters that could make an appearance in the show, the writers had to make some tough decisions on who would be featured. You can expect to see the entire food chain at war with each other during the series. However, looking at the Crumb Combat poster, you can make some educated guesses on who will be our main team, as well as our main villain?

Firstly, we see Alo the Avocado, and Toki the Toast! The dynamic duo! Who doesn’t love avocado toast? It made perfect sense to make them the stars of this show. Now the question is, how do they team up? The first episode of this exciting podcast series will answer that and more. Next, we see a few other characters. A rice ball, nacho, broccoli, and bacon character. What a colorful team! If they are a team that is…

Live Performances

The Crumb Combat podcast show will be one like no other! With Amadi Brands’ unique approach to the audio drama category, a format was created to incorporate aspects like script reads, graphic novels (comics/manga), as well s live theater. A dynamic, fun, conversational form of storytelling. You will experience cast members conversing with each other, speaking about the upcoming episode, before diving into the chapter, where they will perform the script live with comic panels appearing on screen to aide in visualization. Sound design will play a major role in bringing the companies productions to life with music and sound effects in every chapter. Follow along and get ready to adventure beyond!

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