Fiction Podcast Studio Set to Embark on New Audio Adventures

Fiction Podcast Studio Set to Embark on New Audio Adventures

Did you know 15% of fiction podcast listeners listen exclusively to fiction podcasts? In the year 2021, nearly 116 million in America listened to podcasts monthly. Audio is booming! Podcasts are swiftly growing in popularity. We at amadi brands have taken big steps toward the development of our own original titles within the storytelling medium. Quickly, we will show you what Amadi Brands has in store. Embark on new audio adventures with us! Grab your earphones, some popcorn, and buckle up for a great ride!

Amadi Brands

What is Amadi Brands? Amadi Brands is an adventure podcast studio that develops new exciting entertainment properties for listeners of all ages. When Amadi first launched back in the year of 2021, the prime goal was to produce animation. With much effort and creativity, the brand Brush Brigade was created. A team of plaque fighting tooth fairies that live in a mystical dimension full of color. Working throughout the year on the flagship title, Amadi Brands successfully funded a pilot episode for the show. In addition, our team locked in talented producers. However, throughout this process, we realized that animation was an extremely lengthy process. We wanted to find a more consistent way to deliver new and exciting stories to our audience, aside from developing animated series. Long story short, we found it.

New Audio Adventures

Firstly, watch out Spotify Podcasts! A new audio adventure studio is here to mix things up! Amadi Brands is currently in production for four new original titles. Alpha Kite, Brush Brigade, Crumb Combat, and Data Forgers. Funny enough, it is an absolute coincidence that these titles are running through the alphabet in order. Let’s cover one of our titles Alpha Kite, saving the remaining titles for another time.

Alpha Kite, the new manga inspired audiobook series, follows a group of teenagers on a journey to become the greatest kite fighters in the world. Quickly falling into trouble as twisted crooks discover rare Alpha spirits that they have mysteriously obtained, the group of friends must try to stay out of harm’s way, all while taking down the competition to become champion kite fighters.

All of Amadi’s titles will fall in the action-adventure category. Shows will offer both sci-fi and fantasy elements. Luckily, these titles will be able to be appreciated by all ages. However, the specific age recommendations will stay consistent at 6+, as well as 8-13.

This is a free manga audiobook that you can stream on all the major podcast platforms like Spotify and Apple, as well as released on our YouTube channel. Make sure you’re subscribed so you are notified!

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