First Look at Alpha Kite Live Comic Dub Episode #1

First Look at Alpha Kite Live Comic Dub Series Episode #1

We are just one week out from the very first episode of the highly anticipated series, Alpha Kite! Produced by Amadi Brands, and written by Jordan Lewis. This manga and anime inspired title stamps a unique twist on the sport of kite fighting. Yes, it is a sport! Today in this article, we give you a first look at Alpha Kite live comic dub series episode #1. After watching this episode we are certain you will be hooked on the unique format that Amadi Brands has developed! So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Alpha Kite Episode #1

The series begins with Lyric Velvera arriving to a new city! So much has been said in previous posts about the show’s development and in the synopsis itself. We now have an image of the official episode, in which gives us a little insight as to what will take place.

The image features a few different elements. To begin, we see in text the word “Bully”. It is known that the Alpha Kite series, and other Amadi Brands shows will run the script alongside talent performances throughout the episodes. Seeing “Bully” in the screenshot signifies that the first episode will start off with trouble. Looking closer, we see a manga style comic panel with a group of kids picking on a young boy. We also see a character that resembles Lyric Velvera jumping over some sort of railing! Could he be coming to the rescue?

Live Comic Dub

We have been mentioning for a while that Amadi Brands’ titles will feature live performances. Voice actors and talent alike will aide in a collective storytelling experience. Along with a raw, down to earth podcasting element, these shows will make for an interactive, yet somewhat personal narrative. As you are now able to explore and learn about both the fictional characters being portrayed, as well as the talent bringing them to life. Announced earlier in our cast reveal article, we see Nathan Hunt beside the comic panel along with a vocal booth set up. It is left unsaid what role he is playing in this series, but we can safely say after seeing this image that he will be getting involved with whatever is going on in this screen grab.

Alpha Kite Live Comic Dub Series

Alpha Kite follows a group of teenagers on a journey to become the greatest kite fighters in the world. Quickly falling into trouble as twisted crooks discover rare Alpha spirits that they have mysteriously obtained, the group of friends must try to stay out of harm’s way, all while taking down the competition to become champion kite fighters.

Alpha Kite Official Poster

Alpha Kite will be released on all the major podcast platforms like Spotify and Apple, as well as released on our YouTube channel. Make sure you’re subscribed so you are notified!

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