Free Printable Tooth Fairy Coloring Pages

where does the tooth fairy live?

Dive into the magical world of Brush Brigade by downloading these 10 free tooth fairy coloring pages featuring the characters of our new animated series, Brush Brigade! Enter your email here to receive your download and get ready to adventure beyond!

Benefits of Coloring for Children

Looking for free tooth fairy coloring pages to print? Look no further! Download these free printable Brush Brigade coloring pages for kids! Coloring can be a great way for children to improve their motor skills. It can also be great for relaxing for both you and your child. You can spend a lot less money on coloring books by downloading pages directly to your computer to print continuously. Downloading our free Brush Brigade coloring pages will give you 10 unique images that your child can color. Without further ado, Let’s take a look at what will be inside!

Brush Brigade Free Printable Tooth Fairy Coloring Pages

Grab your markers and color pencils! These printable coloring pages come with a variety of moments. You can color events like Beezal being hugged by the tooth fairy’s daughter, Bebe. You will also be able to add color to the tooth fairy Faye who is capturing a bunch of little plaque monsters called Gunkies. If you would like more of the adventure, head on over to our shop and download all 40 coloring pages digitally. You will also be able to bring home stuffed toys of the characters you see on these pages. These printables expand on the mystical fairytale and guide us into a whole new world. Download here!

free printable tooth fairy coloring pages.

Brush Brigade the Animated Series

The animated series follows Tooth Fairy’s daughter, Bebe, as she graduates from Bristleville Brush Academy. Pressured by society to join the brigade as a collector to follow in her mother’s footsteps, she instead takes a leap of faith choosing to join the brigade as a defender! Get your brushes ready for new adventures!

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