How Long Can Instagram Reels Be

How Long Can Instagram Reels Be

This month Instagram has revealed a few new features. These features are either being tested right now or have already been released. Aside from Instagram testing ads on profile pages and its very own Twitter “Tweet-like” feature “Notes”, we have some great news for creators. There are always users wondering how long can Instagram Reels be. This answer has changed since Reels debut in Brazil on November 12th 2019. Let’s dive into this post to give you all the answers you need. We will also give you a few additional tips that will help get your Reels content going strong.

How Many Seconds Should a Reel Be?

Instagram Reels length should be tested. The length of your content will vary from user to user. Depending on your messaging, audience, etc. Different lengths of content work for different people. You will have to find what works best for you. However, there are specific times you should test based on popular opinions. To ramp up more views from a loop effect, users tend to say stick around the 7 to 15-second mark. This keeps your video short and will have users rewatch on loop if it is engaging enough.

This is NOT the only way your video will perform well. Instagram is more interested in watch time more than anything else. It doesn’t matter how short or long your video is. If users are watching it longer than they would a shorter video, the longer video will be pushed out to a larger audience. Remember to test different times to find out what Reels length works best for you.

How to Get 90 Second Reels on Instagram

Instagram Reels can now be up to 90 seconds long! Creators will now have more time to entertain their audience. However, anything over the new 90 second limit will be placed into the “videos” section of your profile. If for whatever reason you don’t see your 90 second option for Instagram Reels, don’t panic. They are still working hard to roll this new feature out to everyone. Make sure you update your app so you are operating on its latest version. You will be able to switch your Reels length to 90 seconds by heading over to the “Create a Reel” on your Instagram page. Next, to the left or right, depending on your phone, you will see a time button where you can select and switch to 90 seconds. Now you are ready to post longer Reels.

Import Your Own Audio on Instagram Reels

Instagram has also revealed that users can now directly import their own audio into Reels! This means you will be able to record a reel and upload a separate sound from a video on your camera roll. This new feature will give you more flexibility and creativity. Maybe you would like to add a new visual over a previous piece of content you made, or simply use a sound effect over a new creation. Below are the steps to take to import your audio on Instagram Reels.

  1. Go ahead and open your Instagram app.
  2. Tap the creation button then select Reel.
  3. Select Audio, then on the top right tap ‘Import’.
  4. Select the audio from a video on your camera roll, then you are ready to go!
Import Your Own Audio on Instagram Reels

Conclusion: How Long Can Instagram Reels Be

Instagram Reels can now be 90 seconds long. We hope in this post, you’ve found useful information and now know how to not only upload 90-second Reels but also how to import your own audio. Instagram is developing at a rapid rate, releasing new features to help creators like you take full advantage of its potential. We will be here to update you on all of the exciting things to come. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date, and we will see you next time!

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