Is JD Charisma Dating Gal Gadot?

Is JD Charisma Dating Gal Gadot

JD Charisma, the multitalented entertainer, has his hands full with new projects on the horizon, portraying Buck the tooth fairy on Brush Brigade in addition to dating Gal Gadot!?.. Amadi Brands Podcast brings on the viral content creator as a guest for this week to dive deeper into the crazy YouTube video and learn about his new production that will creatively merge music with film!

JD Charisma Dating Gal Gadot

The hit video gaining over 2.6 Million views, has many people wondering who the guy in the video is spending quality time with Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot. His name is JD Charisma, and he is no beginner when it comes to creative marketing for his music. He Filmed and edited the video below, making it seem like the famous actress is head over heels in love with the musical artist. Is JD Charisma dating Gal Gadot? We can confirm that he most definitely is not. However, the two are long overdue for an official meet and greet. With the success of this video, thousands of listeners rushed over to stream JD’s track, “Out of My Mind” The execution of this project perfectly showed us the talent JD has for music marketing.

Lights, Camera, Action!

In the latest episode of our podcast, JD shares with us his new music project and his goals for becoming the first real bankable Filipino lead male in Hollywood. We were lucky enough to hear snippets after the episode, so we can say that this music project is a fresh idea with many unique themes. Here is an excerpt from the episode:

JD Charisma- “Like we had Dante Basco who was hook and Zuko from the avatar last Airbender, which is my favorite, uh, animated show by the way, greatest of all time, in my opinion, anyways. Yeah. But, um, You know, we haven’t had someone hit like a Tom cruise level or like a fresh prince, you know what I’m saying? So, um, I wanted to make a project that could break those stereotypes.”

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