Is the Tooth Fairy Real?

Is the Tooth Fairy Real?

Have you ever seen a real tooth fairy? Many children who’ve experience the event of a tooth falling out have most likely heard of the tooth fairy! This mystical fairy mysteriously finds her way into the bedrooms of these lucky kids, and leaves a surprise! Although there are many traditions, a popular one is these children will wake up with a shiny coin under their pillows. This sparks many questions! Is the tooth fairy real? Where does the tooth fairy live? What does the tooth fairy look like? And so much more! In this article, we discover the truth behind the marvelous tooth fairy!

The Tooth Fairy Is Real!

Firstly, Let’s start off by saying, yes! The tooth fairy exists! We have proof! However, once we tell you this, you must try your best to protect her, as well as help her by keeping your teeth as clean as possible! The tooth fairy kingdom relies on clean teeth from children all over the world to provide the energy for their livelihood. Without clean teeth from kids, the tooth fairy will lose all her powers and her kingdom will fall.

Who is the Tooth Fairy?

The Tooth Fairy is the queen of a mystical land! Having ruled the kingdom for centuries, the queen tooth fairy is very skilled at collecting clean teeth, as well as defending children’s teeth from evil forces who seek to rot them! The queen tooth fairy lives in a city called Bristleville along with her large army of other tooth fairies! So instead of the questions being, “Is the tooth fairy real?”, It should really be, “Are tooth fairies real?”.

Brush Brigade the Animated Series

Brush Brigade: The animated series follows the Tooth Fairy’s daughter, Bebe, as she graduates from Bristleville Brush Academy. Pressured by society to join the brigade as a collector to follow in her mother’s footsteps, she instead takes a leap of faith choosing to join the brigade as a defender! Get your brushes ready for new adventures!

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