The Best Manga Audiobook Series is Available now

The Best Manga Audiobook Series is Available now

Looking for an enticing new manga audiobook to listen to? Although you don’t see it too often aside from manga dubs on YouTube. There are very few manga audiobooks that exist. Some taken directly from manga issues and chapters themselves, and others, like ours, only inspired by manga to have its original form of media created in audio form. As you see in this blog post, there will still be plenty of manga art along with this new title. This will be the best manga audiobook series you will listen to this year! Click Here for more exciting television and movie news!

New Manga Audiobook Series

Alpha Kite follows a group of teenagers on a journey to become the greatest kite fighters in the world. Quickly falling into trouble as twisted crooks discover rare Alpha spirits that they have mysteriously obtained, the group of friends must try to stay out of harm’s way, all while taking down the competition to become champion kite fighters.

This new series kicked off in April of 2022, featuring a full cast for the special event. However, this manga inspired title will be a narrated play, that will feature dynamic sound design. You can look forward to weekly releases of Alpha Kite, as well as additional content and coverage on the Amadi Brands Podcast.

Alpha Kite Official Poster

If you are looking for an action-adventure sci-fi-ish sport anime inspired story, Alpha Kite is for you! Click here to read about the first episode in detail! (Spoiler!) Make sure you listen to the first episode first! This ain’t no Bleach manga audiobook or Black Clover manga audiobook, but we are certain you will get hooked and fall in love with these characters and story elements.

This is a free manga audiobook that you can stream on all the major podcast platforms like Spotify and Apple, as well as released on our YouTube channel. Make sure you’re subscribed so you are notified!

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