The First Battle of the Alpha Kite Audio Drama Series

The First Battle of the Alpha Kite Audio Drama Series

The first battle of the Alpha Kite audio drama series is underway. With the second episode releasing tomorrow, Thursday April 21st, 2022. Lyric Velvera, the hero of episode one is now faced with a new challenge.

The First Battle

Alpha Kite kicked off last week during episode number one titled, “Trouble in Windward”. Lyric Velvera arrived to the new City looking forward to catch up with his old friend, Aria. We watched as he made his way through the city before noticing something troubling along the way. If you haven’t listened to the first episode, check it out below!

Lyric Velvera watched as an innocent young boy was being bullied by a group of kids, before leaping over a rail and down to help him. These kids were kite fighters, and the main bully then poked fun at Lyric before challenging him to a fight.

Sneak Peek at What’s to Come

During today’s episode of the Amadi Brands Podcast, we go over the events of episode one. We also dive into our plans for Lyric and other characters as they progress through the story. Character development that will be slightly different from what people are familiar with. During this season, we plan to bring more realistic challenges, divisions, and growth between characters. Take a listen to this episode for a sneak peek at Alpha Kite episode number two titled, “Storm titan”.

Alpha Kite: The Audio Drama Podcast Series

Alpha Kite follows a group of teenagers on a journey to become the greatest kite fighters in the world. Quickly falling into trouble as twisted crooks discover rare Alpha spirits that they have mysteriously obtained, the group of friends must try to stay out of harm’s way, all while taking down the competition to become champion kite fighters.

Alpha Kite Official Poster

Alpha Kite will be released on all the major podcast platforms like Spotify and Apple, as well as released on our YouTube channel. Make sure you’re subscribed so you are notified!

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