Tooth Fairy Children’s Show Raffling Off Voiceover Roles!

Tooth Fairy Children's Show Raffling Off Voiceover Roles

Have you ever wondered… where does the tooth fairy live, how much does the tooth fairy give, or what does the tooth fairy look like, you are soon to have a lot all of your questions answered with Amadi Brand’s new animated series, Brush Brigade! This children’s show is crowdfunding its first episode on Kickstarter launching August 24th. This Kickstarter will have many unique pledge rewards. Some that will even have a few fans a part of the exciting pilot episode!

What is Brush Brigade?

Brush Brigade follows the Tooth Fairy’s daughter, Bebe, as she graduates from Bristleville Brush Academy. Pressured by society to join the brigade as a collector to follow in her mother’s footsteps, she instead takes a leap of faith choosing to join the brigade as a defender! Bebe teams up with her friends, Buck and Beezal, to help the Brush Brigade bring a stop to the evil Emperor Decay, who is determined to use his army of little plaque monsters to rot children’s’ teeth all over the world. He won’t stop until he takes over Bristleville and becomes King Tooth Fairy. With Emperor Decay’s army developing at a rapid rate, Bebe and friends must learn, grow and work as a team to finally put a stop to Bristleville’s biggest threat! If decay is on the way, Brush Brigade will save the day!

How Can You Take Part in Brush Brigade!

The Brush Brigade voiceover raffle will be an exciting way to add three lucky individuals to the project! One lucky winner will be selected to voice a character in the pilot episode at the end of the year! Now, how can you participate? All you need to do is subscribe to the Amadi Brand’s newsletter. You can get your name entered twice by sharing Brush Brigade content and tagging @amadibrands on social media! We wish you all good luck!


Coming Soon to Kickstarter!

We hope you enjoy the upcoming Brush Brigade campaign video! Learn more about this new world of tooth fairies by subscribing to our email list and staying up to date on when this project launches on Kickstarter! You can help make this show become a reality by pledging for awesome rewards on Kickstarter!

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