What Does the Tooth Fairy Look Like?

What does the tooth fairy look like?

Have you ever seen a tooth fairy before? For a child receiving a special gift from these enchanted beings, their mind must begin to wonder. What does the tooth fairy look like? To answer this question, we will dive right in to the magical world of Brush Brigade! A world where many tooth fairies exist, and live together in the kingdom of Bristleville. After reading this article, you will not only know what the queen tooth fairy looks like, but also what a lot of her friends look like too!

What Does the Queen Tooth Fairy Look Like?

The queen tooth fairy is an elegant petite woman who is hundreds of years old! However, she looks young and beautiful because of the power of the clean teeth she collects. Teal like hair and garments with a beauty mark on her face just like the one her daughter Bebe has!

What does the tooth fairy look like?

As we see, the queen isn’t the only tooth fairy in the world of Brush Brigade, like we mentioned previously.. Not all tooth fairies are good. In fact, some are very evil. Across from the queen tooth fairy in the image above, we see the menacing Emperor Decay. With his smooth slick-back hair and red eyes, this dark tooth fairy rules his own army for the purpose of rotting children’s teeth all around the world. Decay is a green fairy that was banished from Bristleville long ago, and is now building up his army of little plaque monsters called, Gunkies. They are another type of tooth fairies that aren’t fun to be around.

Brush Brigade the Animated Series

Brush Brigade: The animated series follows the Tooth Fairy’s daughter, Bebe, as she graduates from Bristleville Brush Academy. Pressured by society to join the brigade as a collector to follow in her mother’s footsteps, she instead takes a leap of faith choosing to join the brigade as a defender! Get your brushes ready for new adventures!

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