What is a Comic Dub?

What is a comic dub

What is a comic dub? A comic dub is a form of media that takes a pre-existing comic story, and adds an audio layer to it. Either voice acting, sound design, or both. Comic dubs are very similar to an animatic in a way of what you would see in an animation pre-production process. Creators that are producing comic dubs often take art from popular comics, manga, or even graphic novels. They then add their own, and other voice actors voices on top to create the final product.

Are Comic Dubs Fair Use?

So are comic dubs fair use? A fan dub is a fan made dub of a live action or animated production. Professional dubbing is the act of re-recording a live action or animated production, typically in a language other than the original many creators. Wondering if creating comic dubs are legal, and if you are you able to legally upload other people’s art in order to dub over it to create your own project and production? Absolutely not. You have absolutely no right to dub or use another artist’s content for your own without written approval. It doesn’t matter if the comic is fan art. If it’s intellectual property of the artist, you will definitely need permission to use it. Comic dub videos and complete channels are being taken down left and right for creators who violate these terms.

Amadi Brands’ Live Comic Dub Series

So how do you create a comic dub? Well, here at Amadi brands, we’re doing just that. Amadi Brands is a live comic dub studio that develops new, exciting entertainment properties to lead adventure beyond. The team at Amadi Brands is developing original series with a very unique form of storytelling. Implementing live script reads, graphic novel panels, as well as sound design. These live comic dub series will be something that you’ve never seen before, but you will be sure to fall in love with the new format while watching cast members perform these stories live with your favorite comic art. We have three series currently in development. One being Alpha Kite, starting in April. Another being Brush Brigade, starting in May. And last but not least, Crumb Combat, premiering in June. Make sure to subscribe to stay the loop for all upcoming releases.

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