What to Expect from Amadi Brands’ Fiction Podcasts

What to expect from Amadi Brands fiction podcasts

Fiction podcasts have been around for decades, with the first known play that had been specifically written for radio in 1924, A Comedy of Dangers. Since then, many audio dramas begin to emerge. Some of the most popular ones being, Limetown, Wolf 359, The Magnus Archives, and Alice Isn’t Dead. Today, we at Amadi Brands are currently working hard to develop multiple titles within the audio centric medium. However, with plans to add fresh video podcast components that will make our shows extremely unique.

What Are Fiction Podcasts?

Fiction podcasts are narratives that are usually audio based. There are multiple names this category is referenced by including audio dramas, and radio dramas. These podcasts can be found on popular platforms like Spotify Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and Audible by Amazon. By downloading these apps, listeners dive into a made up world and are taken on adventures throughout these fiction serials.

Why Fiction Podcasts?

Originally, Amadi Brands was only developing animation with the title, Brush Brigade. The animation process is a lengthy one, especially with a smaller studio. We wanted a way to deliver stories to our audience more frequently. With the rise in popularity of video podcasting, we knew it would be a fantastic way implement our action-adventure titles.

Unique Video Podcast Format

Our podcast show will implement a dynamic format that hasn’t really been seen before within the world of video podcasting. Being fans of animation, we really wanted to deliver that same energy with our titles. Firstly, what you can expect from Amadi Brands podcast series are groups of voice talent performing episodes live. Secondly, these episodes will feature vocal processing and sound design, along with graphic novel art that will appear on the screen to aide in visualization. Our cast members will be guiding you through our stories with their own personalities, aside from their characters! This will make for more of a collaborative, conversational form of storytelling.

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